Andy Cohen interviews Sue — or, really, gushes at Sue for a while and then gets in a question or two. But, let’s be serious: we’d act the same way if we found ourselves on a couch with the legendary Sue Simmons.

"Leave My Sue Simmons Alone"

A reader sends this great blog post on legendary news critic Marvin Kitman’s conversion from Sue-Hater to Sue-Saver. It links to a Huffington Post article Kitman wrote in 2008 after her now-infamous on-air expletive.

Both are worth reading in full, but here’s the key takeaway from Kitman’s paean to Sue:

We in New York love Sue because she’s a smart, sarcastic, sassy, funny chick, compared to the usual vapid, vain but gorgeous newsperson. She is the successful single older aunt who wisecracks her way through Thanksgiving and Passover dinners that everybody wishes they had. If she didn’t exist, we would need to invent her.

So leave my Sue Simmons alone.

Some More Sue-Saver Sentiments from Twitter

These people get it. Keep tweeting to #SaveSueSimmons!

Sue’s Career Celebrated in the New York Post

The New York Post today has a lovely recap of Sue’s career highlights, discussing her impact on both the New York news landscape and on her colleagues at 30 Rock. You should all read the whole thing — and post it on Facebook and Twitter and email it to your friends — but here are some highlights.

Like a true New Yorker, Sue’s kindness matches her candor: 

If it wasn’t her quick wit or unyielding New York toughness, it was her quiet generosity that endeared her to everyone at 30 Rock. She knew the first names, and life stories, of the doormen, the camera crew, the makeup artists.

TV news would look a lot different if not for Sue Simmons:

"I had a huge crush on her,” Roker admitted to The Post. “Sue swept me up and took me under her wing. I believe my career is what it is because I got to sit next to Sue Simmons.”

And the newsroom will never be the same without her:

Sportscaster Len Berman remembers being constantly stumped on air by Simmons, a rabid Met fan who would toss him obscure baseball questions.

“Sue would love to say things for shock value and love to put you off guard,” said Berman. “I used to sweat before going on the air.”

But she was the one who’d lead the daily newsroom battle cry.

“Wake up!” she’d say. “We’ve got a newscast to do!”

When will WNBC wake up to the fact that it’s crazy not to save Sue Simmons?!

Sue’s 2012 groundhog.

One of New Yorkers’ favorite Groundhog Day traditions is watching Sue’s groundhog impression on the news. To keep us energized in our fight to save Sue, here are her phenomenal groundhogs from the last three years! 



A Save Sue Roundup in the Times

The New York Times yesterday did a nice roundup of #SaveSueSimmons tweets. We couldn’t agree more!

 @katiecouric declared her “a NY institution.” And @stuloeser, the press secretary for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, said he had “no memory of #NYC w/out Sue Simmons.”

@WillieGeist1, a television personality for MSNBC, braced for the next piece of crushing news. “Whats next for NYC?” he wrote. “Trade Jeter? Sell the Statue of Liberty back to the French?”

For some, the remembrances were personal. @JenniferLoeber recalled being interviewed by Ms. Simmons as a fifth grader. “I feel unnaturally attached to her,” she said.

@mgreen49 praised Ms. Simmons and her longtime co-anchor, Chuck Scarborough, for making the local news “bearable.”

Another fantastic Sue moment. Here, Chuck celebrates Sue’s receipt of the Newswoman’s Club of New York’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 

"I’d like to say I’m humbled by this award… but I look forward to bragging!" 

Our All-Time Favorite News Team

Just two months ago, FishbowlNY wrapped up a poll of New Yorkers’ favorite news team of all time — guess who won?

and at number 1…was there really any surprise?

Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons — 33 percent (1980 to present)

“It’s been an extraordinary privilege sharing an anchor desk with Sue Simmons for over three decades serving our viewers in the metropolitan area,” Scarborough tells FishbowlNY. “Being chosen as their all-time favorite anchor team is both humbling and heartwarming.”

Chuck and Sue began their march toward immortality when they first sat side by side in 1980. They have been on the air longer than any other anchor team in New York City history.

Let’s keep this all-time favorite anchor team marching!