Give Sue Her Due!

Somehow we missed this fantastic NY Post column by Linda Stasi that was published a couple of days after the news first broke about Sue’s non–contract renewal. We’ve all complained about Sue getting the axe at age 68 while Chuck finds his contract renewed, but Stasi adds irons to the fire with a bunch of disturbing numbers of male/female age differences in the news:

So, big salary aside, Simmons got the boot at 68, while her same-age co-anchor, Chuck Scarborough, who you know makes at least what she makes, lives on — to be paired with a younger, sexier co-anchor.

While Sue is considered past her prime, WNBC still employs Gabe Pressman at age 88!

Why is no one in TV news looking at the rest of TV?

…there’s Barbara Walters (82) and Joy Behar (69) of “The View,” the most popular female talk show on TV.

Yet, as well-informed and experienced as these two women are, they’d never get news jobs sitting next to CBS’s Bob Scheiffer, who is 75.

Then, there’s Ernie Anastos on Fox, who, at 69, is paired with Dari Alexander, who is 42 years old.

We don’t care about Sue’s age — we want her on the air cause she’s the best anchor in New York! She comes back from vacation tomorrow, and hopefully it’ll be about time for WNBC to sit up and listen to the chorus of New Yorkers demanding that they save Sue Simmons.